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We make sure that your idea and creation are carried out

Óptima SL was born in the 21st century, when a slightly crazy philologist is convinced that if there is a tool capable of changing people, communities and companies, that is the KEY.

And so a group of young women recently graduated, and others finishing their training, dedicated themselves to creating and correcting texts and translations, also beginning to provide training on communication.

It took them just 4 years so they could organize their first event in a comprehensive way.

From freelancers to limited company, the activity was divided into two fundamental concepts: CONSULTANCY and EVENTS. In both we co-create the projects together with our clients to achieve the objectives.


From Óptima Comunicación y Protocolo we offer our clients personalized services adapted to their needs, both in training and in events.


Our vision is to preserve our position as a leading family business in the consulting and event organization sector, supported by impeccable, professional and innovative work ethics.


The corporate value of Óptima, Comunicación y Protocolo is, without a doubt, TRUST.
True trust lies in keeping promises. That is why active collaboration based on trust with our clients is the key to achieving the best results. Our transparency allows us to keep our clients over time.


At Óptima, Comunicación y Protocolo we respond to all our clients' needs quickly and effectively, we turn information into advice to find what the client really needs.


At Óptima, Comunicación y Protocolo, we look for a thousand creative ways for each service, we propose the most innovative ideas; Thus, when the wow effect takes part and we "touch" the emotions, the impact of the experience will last in the memory.


Working with enthusiasm is the best way to work in this sector. A person who works with enthusiasm carries out exciting projects. At Óptima, Comunicación y Protocolo, we make our work our passion.


We anticipate and keep up to date with the trends in our sector, implementing them in all the services we offer. At Óptima, Comunicación y Protocolo we don't just say it... we'd better tell you.

About to end his life, a farmer wanted to leave his children experienced in agriculture.

So, he called them and said:
"My children, I am leaving this world; seek what I have hidden in the vineyard, and you will find everything."  His descendants, believing that he had buried a treasure, after the death of their father, with great eagerness, they digged  deep into the soil of the vineyard.  Treasure, they found none, but the vineyard was so deeply excavated that multiplied its fruit. 

You will always find the best treasure in the right job

We help companies grow faster and bigger

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