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Consulting and training

Óptima is a training consultancy specialized in covering all the training areas of an organization, detecting the training needs so that it reverts to the operation of the organization.




LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a practical process that provides exploration and optimization of problems and strategies in real time, being an efficient, effective and, above all, participatory methodology with all members in decision making.

In Óptima we have extensive experience in the design and implementation of this methodology and we will be happy to make you a value proposition.


At Óptima Comunicación y Protocolo we use learning methodologies that ensure training, development of skills, knowledge and the acquisition of techniques and tools for public speaking. 

The sessions will be interactive between the coach and the participants, providing them with complete feedback on the development of their communication skills. 

The goals of this seminar are:  

  • Prepare and structure properly messages 
  • Incorporate resources and techniques into messages to enhance credibility and impact. 
  • Develop self-management capacity for anxiety control and the development of confidence and fluency 
  • Strengthen the ability to provoke in the audience the emotions desired by the speaker 

Óptima Comunicación y Protocolo offers you a global event organization service for all kinds of events

We have a group of professionals with extensive experience in order to prepare a global budget adjusting to the needs of our clients and facilitating the internal work of companies and institutions that trust us.

Nowadays, there are many resources and ways in which the organization of events can be carried out, we are always committed to innovating and having close contact with our clients that lead us to effectively achieve our objectives.

Some of the past events organized are

International Congress on Family Mediation (Valladolid, 2004)
Family Congress (Salamanca, 2006)
Business motivation day (Iscarent, 2006)
Institutional visit of the President of the Junta de Castilla y León to Iberfresco (Olmedo, 2006)
Business Protocol Day. Candido Restaurant (Segovia, 2007)
Congress on Minor Victims of Gender Violence (Ávila, 2008)
Congress 'The immigrant woman in Castilla y León. Present and future' (Valladolid, November 2009)
Iberfresco Awards Ceremony (Olmedo, December 2009)
Institutional visit and motivation day, FAYMASA, (Palencia, June 2009)
Plastic Omnium 20th Anniversary (Arévalo, June 2010)
AERME Annual National Assembly (Valladolid, June 25, 26 and 27, 2010)
Inergy's 10th Anniversary (Arévalo, September 2010)
Presentation of the Industrial Competences and Applied Robotics Project (Valladolid, February 2012)
Strength of continuous training in FP centers (Valladolid, March 2012)
FETAVE Tourism Congress (Dubai, May 2013)
Plastic Omnium Safety Week (Arévalo, 2014)
FETAVE Tourism Congress (Sardinia, September 2014)
25th anniversary of Faymasa (Palencia, 2014)
Gaherproga breeders meeting (Rueda, 2014)
Plastic Omnium 25th anniversary (Arévalo, June 2015)
Ávila job fair (Ávila, 2015)
San Cayetano Day for the Professional Association of Managers (Bodegas Arzuaga, October 2016)
II Employment and Entrepreneurship Fair for the Zamora Provincial Council (Zamora, November 2016)
II Job Fair in Palencia (Palencia, June 2018)
Comprehensive organization of the Locksmith Weekend (APECS), (Valencia, September 2018)
Innovation in FP Event (Valladolid, November 2018)
XXXVIII SOCALPAR Congress of Pneumology (Zamora, May 2019)
XXXIX Congress of Pneumology SOCALPAR (Online Congress, September 2020)
XL Congress of Pneumology SOCALPAR (Santander, September 2021)
XLI Congress of Pneumology SOCALPAR (Ávila, May 2022)
National Fire Prevention Congress (Málaga, November 2022)
National Locksmith Fair (Madrid, November 2022)

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